1. Your Address

It turns out that your house number and street name can affect the value of your home! Reports say that "street" is the least expensive address suffix, while "boulevard" can increase your property value! Some buyers are also superstitious and therefore the house number can also influence their thoughts.

2. Your Neighbours

Of course, the closer your house is to your neighbours, the more their personalities can affect your home’s value. If you have very nice, friendly neighbours, it will be much better than unfriendly ones if they buyer knows they have to live in close proximity.

3. The Age Of Your Trees

Depending on the buyer, they may like to see mature trees on the property! It's said that mature trees almost always enhance a property's value.

4. Extreme Decor

It seems fairly clear why a home's decor could influence value, as some buyers have a hard time picturing a home with their ideal look! But interestingly enough, if you have something like tonnes of sports paraphernalia from a certain team, you may risk alienating buyers who strongly dislike that team.

5. Nearby Businesses

This depends specifically on what businesses are nearby, but if it's a popular place then it may increase your home's value! For example, reports say that homes near Starbucks see their value increase just from that factor!

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