Sales were on the slow side last month. There were fewer listings, which will have contributed to the lower number.

Year-to-date stats

Year-to-date sales volume was $273,815,246. This is down almost a quarter from 2017's record setting $360,125,608 at 24%. Similarly, units were down 23% at 578, and new listings were down 5% to a total of 950. Sales/listing ratio was 61% down 14% from 2017.

Below, we highlight some key points to keep up to date and informed with what’s happening in your area.

Let's take a look at the market for April.

  • April's sales/listing ratio was 61% down 14% from 2017.

  • A 31% dip in sales volume with a total of $89,887,249 for the month compared to the last years $129,805,169.

  • Units of 194 down 26% from last April’s 261.

  • 263 new listings, down 25% from 2017.

  • April's sales/listing ratio was equal to last year's at 74%.

  • There were 39 expired listing, down 9% from 2017.

  • Average days-on-market was 49, up 2 days.

Lastly, the annual average sale price was $473,729. 1% down from the $477,620, one year ago.

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