Timing is important when it comes to selling your home. After your house hits the market, the first few weeks are crucial to your selling strategy, so it’s important that your home is ready to show, and you’re committed to doing what it takes to sell fast.

The Golden Window of Opportunity

The Golden Window of Opportunity is the time when your home is a new and exciting listings. This window is in the first few weeks your home is on the market. During this time, buyer interest and activity will be at its highest, so it’s important that you are ready.

Rather than listing your home, then starting to organize, get your home ready to sell before it hits the market. Your photos will be more appealing and you’ll be already be prepared for your first showing.

Accept the Inconvenience

Selling your home within the Golden Window of Opportunity means you have to be committed to letting buyers in and showing your home. The best way to optimize this time is by keeping it tidy at all times and ready for a showing, and be willing grab your family and vacate when a showing is requested.

It may be inconvenient, but the more buyers you show your home to, the more likely your home is to sell. Turning down that one showing may mean saying goodbye to an offer.

A New Home vs. A New Buyer

Think about it from a buyer’s perspective; when your house hits the market, frustrated buyers will want to be the first to see it. Buyers who haven’t been able to find what they’re looking for are waiting for your house. Eager buyers are your best case scenario.

The alternative is once the Golden Window of Opportunity has passed, your home will no longer be the new and exciting listing. Instead, you will be anxiously waiting for new buyers.

You want your home to be in demand, not the buyer.

Capitalize on your Golden Window

The Golden Window is your opportunity to capitalize on the market. Your realtor can ensure your home is effectively marketed during this time to increase the amount of buyer activity your listing receives.

Your best move is committing to doing whatever it takes to sell your home in your Golden Window of Opportunity. Strategically price your home the first time so you won’t have to compromise on your price down the line.

Talk to your realtor about how you can capitalize on your Golden Window of Opportunity and sell your home.