Most people desire to own a home especially a home that has all the features and fixtures that they have always wanted. There are many available options when it comes to the type of house one can buy, whether it is a previously owned home or it is a new home construction. A new home construction offers the opportunity for the buyer to have a builder construct a unique home that meets their expectations. A buyer can choose the floor plan they want or the kitchen cabinets they prefer which is usually not the case when purchasing a previously owned home. Here are a few tips that will guide you before you sign on the dotted line to buy the new home construction.

• Use a Real Estate Broker

It is important to have a broker who will look out for your best interest and help you make the best decision. Most builders have brokers who are affiliated to them and although they are helpful, having an independent broker is advisable as they are more inclined to be impartial and represent your best interests. Broker's give advice ranging from how you can make an appealing offer to how different decisions will affect the home’s resale value.

• Have Everything in Writing

All agreements should be arrived at through negotiation, and before signing a document it is important to ensure that it captures all that was agreed upon. If you are buying an off-plan home you should ensure that the contracts clearly stipulate the steps and processes to be taken should there be delays on deadlines especially construction completion deadlines. Always remember that verbal agreements are not legally binding therefore strive to have everything in writing.

• Have the Home Inspected

New homes may have different kind of problems and it is important to have an independent inspection carried out on the home before making the final commitment to buy the home. Most new homes are required to pass a permit inspection but having a qualified inspector verify any findings is advisable.

• Ask About Warranties

The builder will usually have warranties for different parts of the new home and it is important to know exactly what is covered and for how long. Some builders will have third parties cover some of the components of the home such as electrical elements, structure, and plumbing. You should be aware of who is covering what as well as the process to follow when there is something in need of repair or replacement if damage has occurred within the warranty period.

There are many things to consider before purchasing a new home construction and you should arm yourself with the necessary information before committing your money. You should also consider that your home will be part of a community or neighborhood and you may have to follow the homeowner’s association regulations if you intend to move into the area. Buying a new home construction offers a few advantages when compared to a purchasing a previously owned home but you should do your due diligence because it will help you take a decision that you will not regret.