The urge to redefine ourselves in the springtime is natural. You may wish to buy a fancy new wardrobe, or invest in a seasonal sport. You might even be ready to finally commit to relocating, but are you scared at the prospect of small town living versus city living? If moving to a more quaint community is on your horizon, then consider the advantages of relocating to the shorelines of the Southern Georgian Bay.

An absolute haven for lakeside living, the pristine waterfront in Meaford is what will draw you to this town. With many enjoyable waterfront walking routes, the real coming together starts at the prestigious harbourfront where you can enjoy quiet moments taking in the views at the breakwall, getting prepared for the weekend at the Friday night Farmers Market, or simply laying on the beach watching the sailboats float by.

Meaford Hall, the beautifully restored Meaford Opera House, hosts art shows, theatre/dance/film, and renowned musical performances, so be assured that that your desired dose of culture can be achieved when choosing to live small town. Originally built in 1909, this building is the beacon of the community and has attracted live acts from Bruce Cockburn and Alan Doyle to the Strumbellas and Martha Wainwright.

If living away from it all is what you fancy you can be rest assured that the rolling hills of the Meaford countryside will not disappoint you. With attractive price points, your countryside oasis could be closer than you think. Rural Meaford covers a lot of territory, with many connecting points to be found on the exquisite Trail systems. Far from city sounds, and traffic congestion, you could spend years alone discovering new hikes on the breathtaking Bruce Trail or Meaford's famous piece of history, the Trout Hollow Trail.

Finally, when relocating, you must consider your gut; in this case, trust it! Meaford is stepping out as a culinary delight. With a boutique winery in the countryside, in the middle of September you could easily mistake your location for an Italian vineyard. Cafes and restaurants are plenty in the Town of Meaford, with new hot spots within walking distance to all of the amenities you will come to love.

Is this the year you choose to embrace country living? If this is your year to make the change, let Meaford sweep you off your feet, we promise the change will be smooth sailing!