Last February 9th 2015, almost a year ago, a Site Plan Agreement for the building of a new gas station in Meaford was approved. The planned location for the gas station is on Sykes Street/ Highway 26 located on the vacant land between the Tim Hortons and Deli Family Restaurant. When completed the gas station will include a car wash and convenience store.

At a meeting on January 18th, 2016 Meaford council approved a small change to the original design which therefore meant they needed to re-approve the original Site Plan Agreement.

The Site Plan Agreement includes payment for Cash-in-lieu of Parkland of CILP. The Ottawa Citizen explains what this means well, "CILP … comes from a requirement from the provincial planning act that calls for all new building projects to have a certain portion of the development set aside for greenspace. But depending on the size of the development, a city could end up with little bits and pieces of green that aren't really useful for anything... That's why developers often give the cash equivalent — or CILP — instead of actual land." In this case the CILP is 2% of the land being developed.

The other provisions included in the agreement are: maintenance of stormwater facilities, provision of landscape buffer, and shared access and future source water protection requirements states, Chris Fell at

Building is scheduled to commence this spring. Once completed the gas station should be able to employ up to ten people. We’re looking forward to having a gas station on this side of Meaford!