What is it like to live on the waterfront? Is a question that a majority of new homeowners are eager to know. Imagine waking up to a very cool atmosphere next to a water body be it an ocean or even a major lake. It's actually a dream come true to many and amazing lifestyles that would be difficult to resist, should a chance come along. Unfortunately, in as far as waterfront living is mostly associated with laxity and a lot of personal satisfaction by individuals, it also poses a lot of threat and difficulties that you may have to live with or be ready to face should they come up. If you are a new homeowner, it is highly discouraged that you source advice from real estate agents as they are likely to only tell you what you would want to hear which means that they try as much as possible to avoid the limitation buying or living next to or in a water body. However, if you lucky to be reading this article, it will take you through the both sides of the coin in relation to waterfront living upon which you may know whether it will suit your lifestyle or not.

What are some benefits of living on a waterfront?

Living in a waterfront sometimes makes a person feel as if they are in a lifetime vacation. Nobody ever wants the vacation to come to an end. Actually, that is one of the many benefits you will have to enjoy when living on a waterfront, the good and amazing view at the sea and its creatures when standing on your balcony. After a very busy and tiring day, standing on there staring at the sea, for instance, will help you forget your woes and feel relaxed with a piece of mind.

Secondly, when you living next to a water body, there are likely to be more outdoor activities compared to those who live in the normal residence. For instance, if you love swimming, boat riding, nature walk along the beach, or even fishing, then you have even more reason to be happy. All these activities will be at your exposure at any time of the day, any part of the month and throughout the year; you don't have to wait until summer.

Another advantage waterfront living is enjoying the cool and fresh air throughout. Unlike other residences out there where there are a lot of air polluters be it from vehicles, industries and also your neighbors, living next to a sea will save you all that frustration. Naturally, the air in the water bodies are in most cases is always fresh due to the continuous movement of air either from the water body to the land during the day or from the land to sea at night.

Last but not least is the fact that there are numerous business opportunities that will always favor you if you live next to a major water body especially a lake or sea which attract a lot of tourists We are living in a very competitive world which means that you should always keep your options open should an opportunity come along. Setting up a business is not only convenient for you but may also save you unnecessary spendings which will automatically reflect increased outcome; isn't that the aim on any serious entrepreneur?

The Cons/ Disadvantages of waterfront living!

Although they may not be as many as the pros, their severity may be a notch higher which means that you really need to consider their impacts both in the short and long run.Let's take mosquitos, for instance, they need these water bodies for them to breed out which means that they will be your problem from January to December unlike in other residences where they mainly come during the rainy season. Therefore, if you are not prepared to deal with mosquitos especially if you have young kids, it is very advisable that you keep off waterfront living to avoid being a victim of malaria that has recently claimed a lot of lives.

Another problem you will have to deal with is continuous home repair and maintenance which is not only time consuming but also very expensive. We all know the impact water has on our buildings, for instance, to make it worse, a majority of sea waters are mostly hard water which means, even more, harm and loss.

In conclusion, there are a lot more limitations like humidity and soil erosion, the danger posed by water animals like the crocodiles, ocean tides, just to name a few. You may, therefore, need to consider all these options before you decide on whether waterfront living will bring you more joy and happiness or sleepless nights!