Forgotten and often negleted your garage floor is very important.

Automotive fluids can leak from your car staining the floor and creating an unseemly smell. At the very least, snow and/or grime is probably going to begin to migrate into your garage.

Sometimes contaminated garage floors can also contribute to accidents. If you use your garage as a car shop, you may need to install a floor covering just to be safe and reduce the chance of slipping. Of course, you could always just place down some  mats, but more advanced floor coverings will give you total coverage and a more permanent, reliable garage floor. Meaford Home Hardeware can assist you with all of the products you need for your Meaford area garage renovations.

Your Garage Floors

The cheapest garage floor covering is simply a coat of paint. Paint will provide a layer of moderate protection for your garage floor and improve its overall look, but painted garage floors, as you might imagine, don’t last very long. You should plan on repainting once a year, maybe more, to achieve any kind of consistent protection or look.

A better investment of your time and money is probably epoxy. While it is a little more money than paint and the surface of your garage floor will have to be prepared to ensure the best quality finish. If applied right it will give your garage a showroom-like finish, a greater amount of protection, and will be significantly more durable than paint. Because of the need for surface preparation, epoxy is a great idea for new garages. The potent chemical composition of epoxy requires safe ventilation and a multistage application process. Plus, you’ll need to make sure your garage doesn’t get wet if slipping is a concern.

Permanent Garage Floor Coverings

Neither paint nor epoxy can offer the benefits of a garage floor tile. Tile is going to be more expensive, but professionally installed tile should give you a garage floor you can trust for several years, at least. Interlocking tiles can decrease the cost of installation or high-end tiles can give an unmatched look to your garage. Floor tiles should be able to be laid down right on top of your concrete, so long as the concrete is in reasonable condition. The biggest difference between garage floor tiles and tiles you might use inside your home is the adhesive you use. Garage floor tiles don’t require the same additives that are frequently needed for interior home use.

Renovations and Uses for The Garage

Typically designed to protect your automobile, but this doesn’t mean you are obligated to use it for that. If you have a car that’s collecting some dust you might find that there are so many better things you can do with a garage space than sheltering your dream car. Installing a tile floor or staining your concrete can allow you to have your very own game table, or card table in your garage and convert the space into a fabulous entertainment area. You might also want to upgrade your insulation, windows, lighting, or walls to create a livable space. You’ll be rewarded, as these garage  renovations are often worth the trouble. Double garages, are the best candidates for these types of conversions. By installing the right garage floor covering, you can park one or two cars in your garage for most of the week and pull them out to the driveway and setup for poker night.