There's an art to producing an effective featured restate listing, and it consists of various parts. These parts work together to attract qualified buyers, demonstrate professionalism, and showcase the home in the best possible light. Check out these 5 must-have elements to ensure your home is as effective as possible:

List Date

Include the date on which the property went on the market. The owner of a house on the market for some time is more likely to be flexible on price. A list date too far in the past can indicate potential problems with a property, and can make buyers wary.


A picture can make or break a listing and subsequent sale—this is what the listing will be remembered by. Hire a professional photographer who specializes in real estate to showcase the home. Homes marketed using professional photos sell more quickly—and for higher prices—than homes advertised with point-and-shoot pictures. For homes on significant acreage or in an outstanding location, consider including an aerial shot. Another possibility is day and evening shoots, if the home warrants it. Viewers will equate the quality of the photography with the quality of the home.

Professional Videos

Hire a videographer for a professional look rather than taking a video with your phone. Videos help the buyer to imagine living in the home, which makes them much more emotionally invested in the property.

Floor Plan

A breakdown of the floor plan allows clients to see where their furnishing might fit (or not fit) in a particular room, and to analyze the distance between bedrooms, bathrooms, and entertainment areas.

Amenities List

Include every amenity the listing offers, down to the smallest details like sliding windows vs. pop-up windows. This will help buyers who are looking for specific amenities to locate the property when searching. Additionally, you don't want a buyer to assume that certain amenities—such as air conditioning—are available if they aren't. It's also important to point out anything that makes the house special or sets it apart from other generic listings. Include any community privileges as well, such as golf courses or clubhouses.

The End Result of a Well-Listed Property

An effective real estate listing not only includes these essential elements, but also utilizes effective keywords to entice buyers. It will attract buyers who are genuinely interested in the property, and reduce time-consuming inquiries from others who are not. The end result is a home that sells faster and for a better price than a comparable dwelling with an unorganized listing.

Creating such a comprehensive featured real estate listing takes ample time and care—this is where the agent makes a substantial difference.
We thank you for your continued support, and look forward to working with you in the future!

-The Hearn Beaumont Team